The Journey Begins


My journey. Your journey with me. Our footprint in the world.

Come hang in this blog with me. Giggles are shared, and the Friendship is Free.


I recently found an old journal of mine, filled with months of emotions & thoughts. My jaw dropped, and my heart sunk. Looking back at the season I was in, brought back so many memories, but also realizing the season I am in now made me feel some type of accomplishment.

“WOW Adi, look how far you’ve come! You’ve gone through the fire, and come out a Winner!”

That’s why we journal is it not? Just like photography, we want to document our special journey, and preserve the memories.
My Experiences, Marriage, Music & Motherhood. These are the spaces that have moulded me.


That is the purpose of this blog. This is my home.

Love, Adi X

The Journey Begins
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