The Journey Begins

The Journey Begins


My journey. Your journey with me. Our footprint in the world.

Come hang in this blog with me. Giggles are shared, and the Friendship is Free.


I recently found an old journal of mine, filled with months of emotions & thoughts. My jaw dropped, and my heart sunk. Looking back at the season I was in, brought back so many memories, but also realizing the season I am in now made me feel some type of accomplishment.

“WOW Adi, look how far you’ve come! You’ve gone through the fire, and come out a Winner!”

That’s why we journal is it not? Just like photography, we want to document our special journey, and preserve the memories.
My Experiences, Marriage, Music & Motherhood. These are the spaces that have moulded me.


That is the purpose of this blog. This is my home.

Love, Adi X


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