What The HEALTH?!

What The HEALTH?!

How many of you have sensitive stomachs? Where you see something that really bothers you and upsets your whole being, enough to turn you off that very thing?

Hubby and I recently watched a Netflix documentary called “What The Health?”, which “uncovers the secret to preventing and even reversing chronic diseases” – this being a low fat, plant based diet. The film exposes the life threatening ingredients found in animal based food like red meat, poultry and fish. According to their research, even eating 1 egg per day is as bad as smoking 5 cigarettes per day for life expectancy!
Such an all natural diet is twice as powerful is keeping our bodies healthy and providing it with all the nutrients it needs, than the American Dietic Association (which is found to be sponsored by the very meat and diary companies causing all these illnesses). No wonder right?

Anyway, after seeing (and personally knowing) people nurse themselves off chronic medication and back to health from diabetes, and near heart attack fatalities, I decided it was definitely worth considering a lifestyle choice.

I don’t know about you, but becoming a Mom has made me a lot more conscious about what what is in my fridge, what I feed my little muncher and the how much importance I place upon health and wellness in my family.
Currently, I am not an advocate of my almost 10month old eating sweet things (crisp or chocolates), or drinking anything other than his formula milk, water or Organic Rooibos Tea. He is fed cooked nutritious meals at school, and at home we give him our beloved Umatie Freshly packed baby meals, designed especially for his age. And in-between he snacks on Fruit or Organic Rice Cakes.

Well this morning, our new lifestyle interest led us to sample two trendy Vegan/Vegetarian Spots in Cape Town.

  1. Nourish’d Cafè & Juicery– Kloof Street, Cape Town


What a HAPPY & Welcoming feeling I got being here! The Aromas of Fresh Goods that met me as I entered just made me feel like I was at the right place! 🙂 Everything from the funky play list, to the earthy tones in this cafe spelled out a FRESH VIBE!
After deliberating on so many delicious Smoothie and juice options, I chose..

The Magic Mangito

Unfortunately this Little cafe is NOT Baby Friendly 🙁 There is no Pram Parking, or comfy seating to sit with baby on your lap. Its merely a pop-in and pop-out inner city pick up for something quick and super nutritional! .. BABIES DO LOVE IT THOUGH! (See below)


  1. Raw and Roxy -Hout Street, Cape Town
    Such a stylish restaurant! The natural woody feel with freshly picked flowers give WHOLEGRAIN LIFE to the hustle and bustle of central town! This was my first time eating all vegan food! And it was certainly a different experience. The owner was friendly and accommodating of Hunter crawling all over the show. If you’re looking for the real deal veganism.. Here it is..
My Thai Curry

Ingredients: Broccoli, Cauliflower, a Thai Sauce & Seeds. Served.. COLD.
Not exactly what I was expecting. Super shocked, I then learned that vegans do not believe in a microwave, or in warming food over 40 degrees because it then looses its nutritional value. Nothing natural grows over 40 degrees. I was hit for a six. WHAT THE HEALTH? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN FOR ALL THE VEGGIES I’VE BEEN STEAMING AND COOKING IN POTS?!


I do nooooot think I am ready to go all vegan yet. I am certainly in agreement with the Plant Based Lifestyle though, and all that vegetarianism ideology stands for. I wish I had that much will power, but for now I am going to do the best I can for my family to eliminate all the bad stuff, increases more of the good stuff and certainly keep on the juicing.

So keen to hear from you all where your DELICIOUS Vegetarian spots are so that I can try make this more of a change in our diet. Im definitely all up on Pinterest for nutritious recipes though!

Stay Healthy & Happy,

Adi X


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