What it’s really like being Married to a Musician! -Part1
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What it’s really like being Married to a Musician! -Part1

Part 1- GIG LIFE

Events, Celebs and Music.
More like, late nights, high maintenance people and the same songs on repeat.

Just joking its not all that bad.

Music makes the world go round. It unites people and it gives them life. So how cool is it that I get to be connected directly to a source of that? Our home is filled with different sounds of Gospel, Jazz, Old School, Classical and sometimes all of the above mashed together when Hunter is in charge.  Our car on the other hand, is just banging! Banging and tapping the steering wheel and the dashboard. It’s also usually the battle ground between Hubby and I as to what we will be listening to.
Usually car drives are like home preparation for Hubby to listens to the songs he’s going to play for the week. On repeat. And if I just dare sing along..

..Which brings me to my first point..Successful musicians work diligently to prepare for their upcoming shows. They see and hear nothing besides the charts in their head, and the beats in their heart. The arrangements artists send them can be tricky. So be prepared to take a backseat. Aswell as the chores that come second nature to you (I’m giggling right now).

You have to really love not only your spouse, but love their music too.

Cape Town International Jazz Festival 2016

Loving his music got me through the long days and late nights. You see, because unlike regular spectators, we- the girlfriend, wife, groupie (or whatever your title is) do not normally rock up at the gig when its about to start. Maybe I speak for myself here, but most times I tag along when the day begins at soundcheck, and hang around like an awkward member of the security team. Promoters do not usually cater for partners or family/friends (because it’s not our office),  so by the time the show actually starts (which is usually never on time), we’re likely to be famished. And then, when its all over, and I’ve envision my shoes off, a hot shower and my bed- here comes the real audience for photographs!
So we smile as politely as our yawn allows us. DAM GINA this gig just paid your bills yo, you can’t possibly be standing there looking noors! Smh. I don’t know, perhaps I’m just not a nocturnal creature.

Popular to contrary belief, not all musicians are wired up for ‘Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll!’ We are extremely Blessed that our marriage has been and still is centred around God. My Husband makes me feel like the only girl in his world, so THANKFULLY, I have not had to deal with any X-Rated drama. Saying this, however, even alcohol abuse is a common demon that we see regularly in this industry. For the wives (and husbands) who are dealing with this struggle, my heart goes out to them. Many people don’t understand that where there is music, there is dance. And where there is dance, there is a party. As entertainers, it can be a challenge to come down from that high, and plato into everyday life.

But where there is music, there is also always people! And being married to a musician, I am fortunate enough to meet many different and interesting souls. I get to see what God can ignite in his children, irrespective if they have a degree, their social class, financial background or place of origin.

Aaaahhh, I just think it’s so cool that my kid gets to grow up with a musical ear! Did you know that music not only improves their brain power, builds their confidence, inspires creativity, BUT ALSO gives them an outlet to express themselves?
Ooopss- that’s for another Blog Post.

Stay Happy & Healthy,
The Drummers Wife


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  1. Anonymous

    I don’t know where or what we’d be without our “music life” because music is our life. I share your awesome feeling of being “together in music”. Awesomeness is how our kids are with us in music, such a brilliant common ground.

    AND, so great to have your music family as part of our’s😊💓

  2. Nicole

    Loving it

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