#SanlamGOALMANAGER – Tertiary Education Saving Tool

#SanlamGOALMANAGER – Tertiary Education Saving Tool

In my first year of university, I studied BA Corporate Communication. I loved every minute of studying how to communicate with people. I went right to the route of man-kind by taking Sociology as a subject and Psychology as a major. The copious amounts of essays truly sucked, but it was worthy of my mental investment as I found myself being able to understand society better.
As a naturally sensitive person, I was learning how to convey my anxiety to others in a loving way, and in turn, I was understanding that not everyone was intending to be total doosch bags just because I had mistakenly read their behavior wrong or misunderstood the way they said something.

Due to financial reasons, I was unable to continue with that degree.
I did however, go on to receive a bursary for a business degree the following year. This was really not my choice of programs, but I went with it because my options were unfortunately limited.
The subjects of Statistics and Economics, was like learning another language of which I had no intention of ever speaking, not even under any influence. I did however, feel very at home in the actual business classroom. My go-getter, “lets make something happen out of nothing” spirit resonated with what I was learning and made waking up every day exciting.

Shock horror. That financial situation I mentioned earlier came back to kill my dreams once again. I was finding myself more driven by earning money at my part time jobs than sitting in a classroom thinking about the rands I was losing by not being at work. I needed that income and I could not seem to focus on both. I also really wanted nothing more than to study what I actually loved. My passions were far too important to let die out over a degree that would have been good for me yes, but not doing good to me. Creatives reading this will totally get what I mean.

In case you’re wondering, I did not go on to complete either of those degrees, nor did I settle in a 9-5 job with a title in an office. I just went on to do what made me happy, and life happened while I was out making other plans. I now venture into different business opportunities, where I see that I can add value or make a difference. My husband and I have our own businesses of which I’ll definitely go into more detail on another day.

But what I feel most strongly to share today, is that since becoming a Mother, I now see the importance of not only education, but more importantly saving towards it. I would do anything in my power for my husband and I’s decisions now, to not have a negative financial consequence on our children’s university education. I am almost sure most of your parents would say the same.

We recently met with a Sanlam Financial Advisor, who introduced us to a saving tool called the GOAL MANAGER. I thought I would share a little more info on it, so you can too make this worthwhile investment into your child’s future.

..with Adele Barnard, Sanlam Financial Advisor

Currently, the problems we are facing in order to make sure we have the right amount saved when the times comes are:
1- Predict future costs of fees

2- Work out how much to save every month, taking inflation into account

3- Constantly review our own progress & adjust payment to make sure we are on track.

4- Discipline ourselves from using the funds for rainy days.

How Goal Manager Can Help:

  • Set a personalized savings goal & determine a goal amount.
  • Decide on an appropriate monthly payment.
  • Allows us to adjust monthly payments.
  • Gives us an annual review of our progress.

Whether your child is two years old or about to go to high school, it’s never too early or too late to start saving for tertiary education.
My following stats from the website alone are what I concluded for my 1stborn alone:

  1. (In 2019) Law degree at Stellenbosch University = R52 120 per year.
  2. No lump sum currently saved.
  3. If I started saving now for the next 18 years when he’s due to commence his studies, I’d need to save R1 276 per month!
  4. Thats even if the cost doesn’t not change by then (we all know reality..)

This figure is no joke. It doesn’t even consider my second or third child!!

If you’re freaking out too.. I might have a small way to help you.

Head on over to my instagram page to my latest SANLAM VIDEO POST.   You could win R10 000 and a CONSULTATION with a SANLAM FINANCIAL PLANNER!

I know each and every Mum or Dad reading this will do all they can to make their kids dream of becoming a pilot or doctor come true.. I just want to encourage you all to start as early as you can, to make the load easier to carry in the later years.

Much Love & Strength on the journey ahead!

Adi, XO


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  1. Grete

    Reading this and also the post you had on insta really scares me, as we might joke around as to what our kids want to do,and saying that bursaries might be available. We need to think realistically and know that we have to start somewhere when it comes to saving for our kids future

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