Enhance your Home with a REED Diffuser!

Enhance your Home with a REED Diffuser!

Lets start off this blog post with complete honesty shall we?

Up until afew months ago, I had NO idea what diffusers were, how to use them nor the purpose of them.

Then in May at the last Decorex, I saw the electronic/ultra sonic diffusers & learnt about how it uses a steam dilation process with essential oils to elicit powerful physiological, mental and emotional responses through the scents being circulated in a particular rooms environment.

Interior Design is not just about beautifully placed scatter cushions, or a strategically curated colour pallet. Interior Design should evoke as many of our senses as we enter a space: vision, hearing, touch AND smell. Smell, being the most powerful link to emotions and feelings, (because its processed in the cortex of the brain closest to this emotive system). As we cannot have music playing all day, every day, a scent has the ability to create an ambiance and mood.. just think about the pots boiling up in kitchen on a Sunday afternoon. Or the empowering smell of roasting coffee on a Monday Morning!


But what about REED Diffusers? It was only up until I received the most beautifully packed Woman’s Day Gift that I was intrigued to learn more.

  • REED Diffusers come packaged in a beautiful glass designer bottle, along with its Bamboo Reeds.
  • The reeds soak up the fragrance/essential oils and disperses the scent into the air. When the oil evaporates, you can just purchase a refill bottle.
  • Being non-electronic, it can be placed anywhere in the home, and left safely unattended until as long as needed.
  • Doubles up as not just a natural allergy relief, but also a natural insect repellent.

Why I am specifically enjoying having the Jasmine aroma beside my bed, is because it’s really an exotic floral scent that whisks you away into Spring. It is delicate, rich and sweet at the same time! Perfect for the intimate space the a bedroom is!

The Honey Hibiscus on the other hand, I have placed in the kids room, high up away from fiddling fingers. This sweet, honey scent has floral and citrus accents in it carrying you straight into a tropical paradise! Perfect for their Jungle Theme room 🙂

https://www.reeddiffusers.co.za have a host of other scents to perfectly fit into any of your rooms OR working environments! The Reed Diffuser Team is also on hand to assist you with choosing the correct scent for the ambiance you’d like to create, which WILL be a challenge as they’re all AMAAAAZING!

Keep yours eyes peeled to MY INSTAGRAM for the Giveaway of your chance to win a set of these REED DIFFUSERS 🙂


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