Bounce Back Game Strong

Bounce Back Game Strong

A month has passed since I gave birth to my second little blessing, River. And although #MomLife of two is not without its challenges, I truthfully have never felt better.

I acknowledge that no two bodies are the same- nor are our journeys, but I’d like to share with you all what helped me bounce back to feeling my healthy and mobile self.


1 Week post delivery at my Sons 2nd Birthday Party

Firstly, prevention is better than the cure.

I tried to do my best to look after my body, mind and soul during my pregnancy, so that I wouldn’t have to work so hard after birth to rescue myself.

  • Because I was pregnant during winter, I was hopeless at getting to the gym, or going out for walks on the regular. I did however, eat as healthy as I could. Loads of fruit & veg, and yes my go to –Nandoes! The myth of eating for two is really just that. A myth. Hense you should try not to gain more than 10kgs. I unfortunately struggled with high sugar levels during my pregnancy (Gestational Diabetes), forcing me to completely cut out all sugars and high glucose foods like bread, pasta, and ofcourse fruit.

  • I made a conscious decision to stress less, making peaceful and positive vibes a priority. I was not going to be going into early labor for nothing and nobody. So, I had to choose my company and thoughts wisely, literally making no excuses for what I wanted to do with my time and who I wanted to do it with.

  • I incorporated special prayer time into the family bed-time routine. This definitely promoted a good night’s rest, keeping anxiety and nightmares at bay.


Gorgeous River arrived slightly earlier than expected, at 38weeks 2days. She was perfectly healthy and did not need any medical support.

Because of this, my planned birth photographer, Chenel Kruger, could no longer capture her special entrance into the world, but then suggested a #Fresh48 shoot with the help of Heal Spa. With hair & make-up done, I looked and felt beautiful, for my first family photoshoot as FOUR. Nothing like a good pamper session when you’ve just had your organs rearranged a day prior via an intensive surgery LOL.



Fast forward to the first few days POST C-section:

  1. Good skin, Good Mood, Good Day! I did not miss a morning or night routine, using my favorite Katavi Skin Care Products. My skin felt awake, rejuvenated and hydrated, giving me “that glow” with or without raging hormones. I also packed my Katavi Lip Balm to moisture my lips through the dry mouth moments that the anesthetic and strong pain meds caused.

    Also apart of my feel good body goodies was my Repair Serum from Pure Primal that I applied on my tummy to soothe and nourished the stretched skin, stretched marks and cellulite.


  1. Stay Hydrated!

Water is the second most important thing you need in life next to oxygen.

I recently jumped on the Designer Alkaline Water buzz, and have been drinking near 2-3 litres per day, most days! This water is a natural antioxidant, which helps to reduce inflammation and hydrates at least 17% better than regular water. It also has the highest PH value, and so is the fastest and most efficient way to alkalize our bodies cells (which if overly acidic can be detrimental to our health and wellness).

  1. Comfort is key!

Just before I got out of my hospital bed to walk for the first time, I remember the nurse telling me not to forget to hold my tummy to give it support. My doctor had also told me to wear a belly-band to support my back. But maaaan, that thing was super uncomfortable to lay in, I couldn’t even breastfeed.
Luckily I had wone these super body shape-wear shorts I had purchased from Ackermans. It kept all the wobbly bits together in all the right places, and did not graze against my wound. This assisted my walking the first few hours, even days, which in turn got my mobility AKA MOJO back much quicker. So much so that I was discharged a day earlier! 😉


  1. Breast way forward!

Producing breastmilk requires between 200-500 calories per day, the equivalent of about 30 laps in a pool or bicycling uphill for an hour. Dropping 7kgs in 3 weeks was not planned, but certainly a pleasant surprise. Also thankful that my milk was sufficient to help my Daughter gain the weight- what a HUGE RELIEF!

Although I have never had a problem with breastmilk, I have 3 very cool products to thank for boosting my supply!


All said and done, I know that this is a very sensitive time for a lot of Mammas, and there are many different ways in which you may or may not chose to recover.
Above all, Prayer and Lots of Cuddles, aahh and ofcourse CHOCOLATE are always a winner to recover from anything.

Sending Love from me and mine, to YOU & YOURS!




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  1. Justene

    This was a great read !! Thank you for the tips !

  2. Lindseigh Strickland

    So pleased your bounce back was not as hard esp post GD and CSec I’m still battling with those last few kilos and the pins and needles 😩😩😩

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