Our Weekend Away In Durban

Our Weekend Away In Durban

Home Away From Home

Ledgend has it that “when you can’t sleep at night, it’s because you are awake in someone else dreams”.
Nope, I don’t buy that. As an Interior Designer, my take is that your living space and sleep environment plays a major role in whether or not your brain can switch off and rest, or stay wired up- stimulated through the night.

If you’re like me- every now and again I lay my head to rest on a pillow- other than my own, tossing & turning before drifting off to sleep. I then wake up, feeling like I’ve missed my bed.
This was definitely NOT the case when I woke up in the calm and relaxing LADY ELLEN GUEST HOUSE.


Nestled on a quiet street in La Lucia, a beautiful & green suburb of Umhlanga (KZN), sits this family home turned Luxurious Beach House.
A safe & short walk through the adjacent park surprises you with the quiet coastline of the warm Indian Ocean.. Which by the way, I had the beauty of waking up to as my bedroom view.

With the on and off showers of rain, I spent some much needed rest & recovery time indoors, which in itself was calming and therapeutic.
Pieces of nature & outdoor life could be enjoyed from the very cosy spot on the couch or snuggled up under covers, with its many little trees planted around the house. This was significant for me, considering that being close to greenery makes us feel more at ease and reduces stress & anxiety. Simply put, plants are also super pretty and can bring a subtle pop of colour to an other wise dark or lonely corner of the home.


While I am here on the topic of calm, can I talk about one of the biggest trends for 2019? RATTAN FURNITURE! It isn’t just for outdoors anymore but can bring the natural environment into any space, and in an aesthetically pleasing way too!

I’d like to especially thank my Gorgeous Friend Une for making sure this home, HER home, was available when I wanted it, cleaned spick & span, and had everything I needed to ensure River and I were comfortable and could leave feeling RESTED, RECOVERED & REJUVENTAED! xx
More information on this Salty Homes– Lady Ellen Guest House, check this Air BNB link.


What I Got Up To

Other than doing a little happy dance as I walked into every space of this home, I did manage to take my Little Girl out and see a bit of Durban.

I hung out with my Gorgeous Durban Insta Mums, Lana and Monique at the Trendy Mary & Joe, for celebratory Birthday Cake. These ladies are as much my real friends, as they are the Instagram friends they started off as.

I also lunched at the seemingly popular socialite hangout Cafe La Plague, which although a verrrry good time was had, felt a bit like daylight robbery. A R69 bottle Durbanville Hills Sauvigon Blanc in the grocery store was R70 PER GLASS here. And R129 bottle of Pongracz Brut Bubbly from Makro was being sold for R500 here too. Lets just toast to pretty views, and vibe music shall we?


Aaaaand I FINALLY ticked The Oyster Box off my “when in Durban” list. Hotel breakfast on my plate, and a Mimosa in my hand is how I ended off my 27th Birthday Weekend.




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  1. Candice Esben

    Sounds lovely! The Oyster Box is also on my list. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Narizanne Vorster

    It looks like you had the best time! Thanks for sharing <3

    1. Adi

      Thank you Honey 🙂 x I am also obsessed with every furniture item and even plant in this home.. BUT the view is the best **,

  3. Giselle

    I’m inlove with the decor! Ps: you look stunning Adi x

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