Katavi – My Skincare

Katavi – My Skincare

How do you chose your skincare?…

To me, TELL ME WHATS INSIDE! Because ultimately, just like our bodies have consequences when we feed it junk, so our skin can also have a negative effect with whatever we’ll be applying to it daily, (if not twice a day). Yes, if you didn’t consider it before, all the chemicals in skin and haircare filters into our blood stream, exposing our bodies to even more pollution and toxicity.

It is because of my recent “all natural” journey I embarked on with my kids, that I had decided to do so myself.
After months of hunting and being sold the complete opposite of what I needed by sales driven, knowledge-less  shop assistants, I FINALLY FOUND KATAVI SKINCARE PRODUCTS!

Katavi, a truly unique all natural skin care range, specifically targets the noticeable effects of environmental stress on our skin. Just what I needed to combat my issue of red skin caused by the many hours a day, of the many years that I spent horse-riding outdoors.

Developed by two passionate boss ladies, Katavi prides itself being based on the Kigelia fruit- a distinctive, sausage-shaped fruit that has an extensive history of traditional use for healthy-looking skin.

They powered the range with four other carefully chosen “superfruits” from Africa:


I instantly jumped on board to try these products out. To be honest, yes I was hopeful. But sheeew, I wasn’t expecting these before & after pic:







Now that you know it only took me TWO weeks to see results, I bet you’re wondering HOW MANY millions of products did I have ti try out to get to my satisfied skin..
I started of with the SAMPLE PACK, which is made up of:

  1. Cleansing Wash
  2. Kigelia Booster Serum
  3. Eye Cream
  4. ‘Miracle’ Hydration Oil
  5. Moisturizing Day Cream
  6. Intensive Night Cream

…. and then after a week focused on 1,2,3,and 5/6.
For more information and further detail on each product, Click Here!

With Summer having just arrived, and more beach days ahead- aint nobody got time for make-up everyday!

Sooo, to get you started on your Stunning Glowing Skin journey, Katavi is GIVING AWAY a whole STARTER KIT!
Entry Steps:
1) Like & Follow both myself HomeWithAdi, & Katavi Skincare on Instagram & Facebook
2) Subscribe to my BLOG
3) Tag tag tag your friends who this might help! (x1 tag = x1 entry)

  • (Delivery only to SA)
  • Competition runs from 27th Nov – 5th Dec.
  • This competition is in no way associated to instagram or facebook.
My absolute ‘must pack’ products whenever I travel!

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