Looking for a proven Covid killer? Domestos has your back!

Looking for a proven Covid killer? Domestos has your back!

Guuuuuysss, did you hear the ‘60 second secret‘??

..Domestos Defeats Covid!!

Yep! You heard right. And I quote; “Unilever has received test results from a leading US laboratory that proves Domestos thick bleach kills the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) virus in one minute.”

You guys, I feel like this is the kind of good news that we need in-order to enjoy the most of your homes. Ideally the best way to stay Covid-Free is to #StayHome. But with family members either returning to work or school, that’s not entirely possible.

So, here we have an easily accessible and affordable product (R32,99 to be exact) that, once diluted accordingly, will help to disinfect your home and reduce the risk on infection.

Here’s how:

  1. Firstly, always wear gloves and protect those manicured nails!
  2. After your usual cleaning routine, dilute afew drops of Domestos thick bleach (follow manufacturers instructions of 1:8) 1-part bleach, 8-part water, and apply to surfaces and high-touch hotspots.
  3. Hotspots could include:
  • Light switches
  • Doors
  • Stair railings
  • Cupboard and appliance handles
  • Toilet & its flusher
  • Btahroom suraces and kitchen counters
  1. Don’t forget electronics! For these, you will need to dampen a microfiber cloth and dip it into the soap & water solution to protect the product exterior.
    • Cell phones
    • Remote controls
    • Device keyboards

For more information on the testing results of this Germ Buster, hero of a product, head to: https://www.domestos.com/za/health-and-hygiene/domestos-kills-coronavirus-lingering-on-surfaces.html



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