Dove Day At Home – Oct’20.

Dove Day At Home – Oct’20.

When it comes to checking yourself on this journey called parenting, you never really know if you’re on the right or wrong track.
That’s why it’s important to answer “YES!” and avail yourself when some really cool, loving people set aside time to share in their experiences, offer their wisdom and leave space for questions.
That was #DoveDayAtHome

Dove hosted #CourageousConversationsForKids via Zoom call last week, and such fun was had!
Parents and children alike connected to share their insecurities, or that of their children and exchanged guiding tips on how to build each other up.

It was then that I realized how many times a day I praise my children on being beautiful and cute, highlighting all their strengths like being able to carry heavy items or play a sport very well. Doesn’t sound harmful right? Rolene Strauss, who led the topic of Defying Body Trends and Beating Body-Shamers, suggested for us parents to steer away from focusing on praising physical appearance and compliment more on good manners, kind gestures and other character attributes.
This moved me. Here I was thinking I’m being such an encouraging Mamma, blaming media for all the emphasis placed on self-image, but my words are contributing to just that!

Terrence Mentor aka @AfroDaddy shared a different perspective on parenting too, just to boggle my mind even more. “We’ve got to be the safe space we wish for our kids to have!” I’m not talking about security cameras around the home. No. I’m talking about feeling safe enough to share matters of the heart, disappointments and opportunities to fix a potentially shameful situation. That means being open to listening and HEARING them. It means not bringing control and obedience at the forefront of your relationship with your child. It means being quiet, allowing them their voice, and then presenting solutions.

For me, and I’m sure many others, we raise our kids based on the way WE were raised. We discipline every wrong act, thinking its how we will “train “ them.

To end this engaging and beautiful session off, Sthandiwe Kgoroge shared her incredibly powerful affirmations spoken daily with her daughter, Zanda.

I will leave them with you, and hope that they bring much positivity and joy, not only to your day, but for your relationship with your child too:

  • I’m beautiful
  • I’m brave
  • I’m creative
  • I’m kind
  • I’m smart

You can browse all Dove #SelfEsteemProject parent/mentor/teacher/youth resources following the link provided.

Remember one thing. This was my inspirational encounter on the #DoveSelfEsteemProject and it does not intent to shame any parenting style. Nobody is a better parent to your Baba’s, then YOU x


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