Flying in 2021.. with your kids AND your Pet.

Flying in 2021.. with your kids AND your Pet.

I’m a “Joster” at heart, but I live in the beautiful Cape Town Mother City with my Husband and three kids. Well, two are human and one is fluffy.

My geographically dispersed family life calls for regular travels between the two provinces, and I’ve often been asked to share my tips. Yesterday was the first time we flew as a family of FOUR, and I am pleased to share only good things about this experience and others.

Flying with kids pre-covid was not a joke. And now in the midst of the highest peak (albeit recovering from the virus), I found myself constantly hovering over the kids about what they can and can’t touch. I loved that the airports are now MUCH emptier, and it seems that friends and family dropping passengers off may no longer enter through airport doors. Buuuut que pandemic pressure AND their energy levels…

Which brings me to my first point:

  1. Book a flight that coincides with either sleep time feeding time.
    Let your child’s habitual routine can work in your favour. Even feeding (on a local or international flight) is an activity you can use to  keep the them entertained.
    Its key. Currently due to Covid19 regulations, local airlines are not offering their snack menu (even when they did their selection was NOT great), so pack your own. Try to ensure they are items that can close effectively and not fall out (unlike a LiquiFruit straw box or packet of crisp). I always use a special treat as bribery for good behaviour at landing. Shoot me.
  3. Mental Preparation.
    It has really helped me to prepare my 3yr old adequately before the time what we will be doing, where we will be going, and what to expect. I feel that it helps reduce anxiousness and build confidence. All the hype is needed Mamma, bring it **,
  4. Make it special.
    Every flight is an opportunity to have fun. I used to capture a picture with the Captain on every flight. I had hoped to make it a “thing”, but with social distancing that is probably no longer possible 🙁
    We do however have a special Travel Journal from Little Roamers that we use to record all travels, like a sweet message from the Captain.
  5. Comfort is the dress code!
    This goes without saying, but I’m sharing it because it is still something I am conscious of. Tight clothing can make the 2 hours you’re crammed on a plane so much more challenging! Especially if you’re changing bums through 4 layers of clothing with NO easy access to the nappy. You have a quick gap (much like at home) but this time no comfort of a large surface area.



I’ve explored both options of having our Puppy couriered vs flying with us, and there is a HUGE flight difference.
* If you book with a service, they are likely to offer collection and delivery of your pet. You can also drop them off at the cargo depot. After hiring cost of  the carrier, my quote came to around R1000.
* The route we chose (excuse the pun) was having LilyLu fly with us (in the under carriage of the plane) and it costed her weight combined with the weight of her carrier, at R60 per kg. Thats a total of R180 we paid 🙂

The requirements for Mango: All VACS up to date, a sturdy carrier that can lock, and weight no heavier than 32kgs.


This is just my experience, but I hope it encourages you to make the most of the precious time we have with our little ones. Near or far, there are memories to be made!!



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