Medicinal Plants – Happy By Nature

Medicinal Plants – Happy By Nature


One cannot drive through Cape Town’s trendy Kloof street, without seeing the smiley face-on-wheels parked right outside its matching yellow store front. The classic Mini Cooper belongs to Indigenous Nursery & Botanical Studio, Happy By Nature.

Gleaming brightly from the top of the hill, Happy By Nature houses more than just plants. They offer opportunities in the form of workshops and consulting to discover, experience, collaborate and cocreate with Nature for the wellbeing of all.

Walking into this Nursery is much easier than walking into a Dr’s room. In this Blog Post, I’m unpacking just how healing a trip into this store can be, and the power in medicating your ailments with herbs, plants and trees.

Indigenous – Refers to a plant.. which occurs naturally in a given geographical area. It is important to protect the indigenous species because, as everything in the eco system- services human well-being and health.


Why Do We Eat From The Ground?

Plants, specifically herbs, contains a rich resource of ingredients and is an important source of nutrition.

Consuming herbs may help to prevent and manage heart disease, cancer and diabetes. It may also help to reduce blood clots and provide anti-inflammatory and anti-tumour properties.

Herbs can pack in just as much nutrition as vegetables! Just like green leafy vegetables, fresh herbs contain large amounts of vitamins A, C and K. Many herb plants also contain polyphenols. Polyphenols are plant compounds that have both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory capabilities.

Medicininal Benefits

First Aid Trio


  1. Bulbine – A must plant for every kitchen and family with children. Her juice can be rubbed onto insect bites, burns, blisters, cold sores, blisters and more.
  2. Blue sage – has remarkable healing qualities. A tea from the leaves can be used as a gargle to ease sore throats and coughs.
  3. African wormwood – one of the oldest and best known of the indigenous healing plants. She is traditionally used for many ailments including flu, chest conditions and heartburn.

Culinary Trio

  1. Wild garlic – with her pretty lilac flowers she is easy to grow. Simply chop the leaves finely and add as a garlic substitute. Add the flowers to salads or cocktails as a garnish.
  2. Spekboom – this plant may be best known for her ability to help fight against global warming, but she is also a medicine and is edible. High in vitamin C and harnessed with a zesty flavour, add a sprig to stews and bredies toward the end of cooking or raw leaves to salads and/or smoothies
  3. Blue sage – this easy to grow shrub can be used in any dish where you would ordinarily use sage. Chicken dishes are the obvious choice.


Mahogany Tree

African Mahogany has medicinal purposes and is used in traditional medicine as laxative, analgesic, antihaemorrhagic, febrifuge, aprhrodisiac, emmenagogue, and emetic. It is also used in local medicine for treating digestive problems and for general pain relief. Its bark is used as a fish poison.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera juice is a gooey, thick liquid made from the flesh of the allow vera plant leaf. It’s commonly known to treat sunburns. But driving this healthy elixir in juice form provides you with a number of other health benefits.

Whether you’re shopping for herbs and succulents, or oils and planter baskets, Happy By Nature is a wellness lovers’ TREAT DAY OUT!




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