#SanlamGOALMANAGER – Tertiary Education Saving Tool

In my first year of university, I studied BA Corporate Communication. I loved every minute of studying how to communicate with people. I went right to the route of man-kind by taking Sociology as a subject and Psychology as a major. The copious amounts of essays truly sucked, but it was worthy of my mental […]


INGREDIENTS 150ml distilled water 2 tbsp witch hazel 10 drops doTERRA Bergamot Essential Oil 10 drops doTERRA Serenity Essential Oil Amber Glass Bottle Heat, light, oxygen and moisture, are all factors that can affect the expiration date of your oil. Glass is the most popular packaging option for essential oils because the oils cannot be damaged […]

The Night Terrors

  Parenthood is beautiful. Parenthood is rewarding. But parenthood is also hella challenging. Often been referred to as a walk in the park.. JURRASIC PARK! I laughed when I first heard that comparison, but if I can be honest, I’ve just lived through my very own world of roaring monsters over the past two weeks. For […]

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